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What considerations do I need to take into account when choosing my curtain pole or track?

The choice of curtain pole depends on personal preference, weight of curtains hanging from them, type of window and choice of fabric or window dressing.

-The diameter of the pole is mostly personal preference, although wider poles can usually hang heavier fabrics.

-Each pole range has information regarding which weight of fabric it is suitable for. Hanging a medium weight fabric on a lightweight curtain pole will result in the pole bowing or coming away from your wall.

- The range information also states whether the pole is suitable for straight runs, bay windows or both. Special brackets can be used on straight poles at the point of join to enable them to fit around bay windows. However, we also have poles and tracks especially for dressing bay windows.

-As there are many different types of window dressing, we have poles and tracks just for curtains, for nets/ voiles and curtains, and for panels and blinds.

Can I cut my curtain pole to size at home?

Pre-packed curtain poles can be easily cut to length at home using a hacksaw. However, our made to measure poles are cut to length for you so measurements are crucial (please see our ‘how to measure’ section)

How do I fit my chosen product?

All of our curtain poles, tracks and blinds come with fitting instructions for ease of assembly. However, should you require further information please contact us.

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